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21st April - Still Life: small machinery, tools or kitchen equipment

 Please bring examples

28th April - Miniature –no larger than 6”x4” any subject

 Bring reference

5th May - AGM  Please come along with your ideas and views


12th May - Draw your own hands if possible rather than photo


19th May - Flowers – Blossom Time - Bring flowers

26th May - City: could include water and reflections

(Abstract, collage or photographic) Imagination or references


2nd June - Action scene:  figures in sport or dance

Bring references


9th June - Ruins: could be historical or present day

 eg. earthquake or war damage - Bring references

16th June - Seascape: Beaches, waves , rocks

 Bring references

23rd June - Shoes, Boots, sandals or clogs, one pair or many.

 Bring footwear

30th June - Portraits: family, friends or celebrities

Imagination or bring photo

7th July - Landscape scene emphasising sky and clouds




  Other ideas submitted, Birds, Animals, current affairs items.

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