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Programme for Summer Term 2022


 29th April       

Fruit trees and blossom

Any medium

Bring references, twigs leaves, blossom

6th May

L andscape British Isles, Ireland

Mountains, Lakes and Rivers

Bring sketches or photos.

Watercolour or gouache 

13th May


Please attend as we need your views, opinions and suggestions

20th May

Green still life, could be plants and gardening objects. pots, trowels etc.

Bring plants or tools any medium

27th May

Figures in action. Dance or gymnastics

Bring references and drawing pencils, charcoal etc.

3rd June

Closed for Diamond Jubilee bank



10th June

Pageant, scenes from Jubilee celebrations.

Bring sketches or references

17th June

Animals or birds.

Any medium, bring references

24th June

Coastal, beach, cliffs or seascape

Bring own references, any medium

1st July

City scene, shops, streets, market, people

Own references or sketches.

8th July

Bridges, either city or countryside

Own references

15th July

Revue of work, end of term, summer plans and suggestions.

Bring paintings        

Heading 1